Save time and pay beneficiaries with accuracy

SenseCheck is a secure identification and bank verification platform for lawyers and agents

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SenseCheck Technologies Limited

Compliance Simplified

A secure workflow tool

More than just a search tool, SenseCheck provides a central source of truth for your identity checks and bank verifications. Keep your clients’ data secure. Keep your workflow simple and manageable.

Led by Beneficiaries

Less time chasing, more time connecting

Beneficiaries are emailed a link to upload their credentials securely and seamlessly. No need for app downloads and no need for you to chase the information.

Market Leading AML Checks

Less time worrying, more time supporting

SenseCheck provides integrated, market leading AML checks for beneficiaries. This includes the identification check, Bank Verification check, and Bankruptcy / IVA Search.

Reports at your fingertips

Less time reporting, more time understanding

The SenseCheck dashboard provides GDPR reporting for your AML and Risk Officers, including firmware insights and data. Making analytics more accessible and less time consuming.

Trustworthy and Secure

Less time checking, more time to get on with higher value work

SenseCheck documents are shared through a secure, encrypted portal. No more emails, no more paper.

GDPR Compliant

Less risk, more trust

Reduce your risk and maintain GDPR compliance by enhancing your client due diligence processes.

Designed for WIQS

Less time missing the mark, more time showing best practice

SenseCheck is designed with WIQS in mind, so that you can meet the industry standards.


Welcome to SenseCheck

SenseCheck has streamlined the tedious AML process. Now, manage the AML and bank verification process quickly, securely and effectively using the SenseCheck dashboard. It’s as elegant as it is powerful

SenseCheck Dashboard

Streamlined Process

Verify beneficiaries in minutes

SenseCheck provides an efficient, GDPR compliant and accurate workflow to onbaord matter and client related parties. It enhances the user experience for all parties and securely stores sensitive data.



How many steps do you take in your AML process?


Post and paper forms?


Compare the differences above

The collection and processing of beneficiary data has - until now - been time consuming, insecure, and repetitive. SenseCheck enables lawyers and other agents to save time and pay verified beneficiaries with accuracy.

Jay Smith

Founder, SenseCheck


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